Early Review: ‘The Fever King’

This was technically not an ARC but it was an Amazon First Reads pick! I was able to download it early and give it a go 🙂   Title: The Fever King Author: Victoria Lee Series: Feverwake Rating: 4/5 stars Summary This follows the story of Noam and his life in a post-United States country.… Continue reading Early Review: ‘The Fever King’


Dual Audio Review: ‘Uprooted’ and ‘Spinning Silver’

This is my first finished book of 2019! It was a really long audiobook, so I started it last year. I had heard this author hyped a lot due to Spinning Silver and wanted to read her first book before I jumped into that one. I also just finished Spinning Silver and decided to do… Continue reading Dual Audio Review: ‘Uprooted’ and ‘Spinning Silver’

Audio Review: ‘What If It’s Us’

What If It’s Us was cute, fluffy, easy to read/listen to audiobook! But - if I hadn’t listened to it, I think I would’ve been ok in life as well. I think me and Becky/Adam books just don’t click and I need to accept that - and stop reading their books. Title: What If It’s… Continue reading Audio Review: ‘What If It’s Us’

Audio and Movie Review: ‘Puddin’ and the ‘Dumplin’ Movie

So I listened to the audio of Puddin' before I watched the Dumplin' movie and I'm glad I did! Revisiting all the characters is always helpful and I'm going to throw in my thoughts on the movie later in this review. Title: Puddin' Author: Julie Murphy Series: Dumplin' Rating: 4/5 stars Summary  "Millie Michalchuk has… Continue reading Audio and Movie Review: ‘Puddin’ and the ‘Dumplin’ Movie