Audiobook Review: ‘More Than Maybe’

I've been intrigued by this book since I first heard the premise about the music aspect, and finally I was able to listen to it, and! this book actually written about me? I've never related to a book as much as I have this one - and needless to say, I loved every second… Continue reading Audiobook Review: ‘More Than Maybe’

Audiobook Review: ‘The Vanishing Half’

Do you ever see those books that EVERYONE says are so good and you think theres no way it can be THAT good? ...this book is really THAT good. The Vanishing Half took me by surprise in the best way possible, and I can easily see this being a favorite of mine for 2020. Bonus… Continue reading Audiobook Review: ‘The Vanishing Half’

Graphic Novel Review: ‘Check, Please!’ Book 1 & 2

Once my library reopened after quarantine for curbside pickup (and now they're open inside as well) the first thing I did was request a TON of graphic novels! I have seen soooo many of you talking about the Check, Please! series on bookstragram and had to check it out for myself! Title: Check, Please! Book… Continue reading Graphic Novel Review: ‘Check, Please!’ Book 1 & 2

ARC Review: ‘The Lost Book of the White’

I have missed the Shadowhunter world SO much, and it's so nice to be back. The Lost Book of the White is set in September 2010, which takes place after City of Heavenly Fire and Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy - so if you've read both of those, you're ready to jump in! Otherwise there… Continue reading ARC Review: ‘The Lost Book of the White’

Audiobook Review: ‘Ignite the Sun’

This was the first audiobook that I listened to from Netgalley! I am so super excited that they have audiobooks now, as that's how we do a lot of our reading nowadays. I was pleasantly surprised with this book, and you can see my full thoughts below! Title: Ignite the Sun Author: Hanna Howard Publisher:… Continue reading Audiobook Review: ‘Ignite the Sun’

Audiobook Review: ‘Stay Gold’

Stay Gold is a story about Pony, a transgender boy, and his life in Dallas, Texas. I've been seeing this book around a lot and was curious to read it for myself. (Spoiler: There is basically no reference to The Outsiders "stay gold, Ponyboy!" and I was rather disappointed in that.) Trigger Warnings: Bullying, transphobia/homophobia,… Continue reading Audiobook Review: ‘Stay Gold’

Audiobook Review: ‘The Red Scrolls of Magic’

I originally read this book in June 2019, the year it was released. When I received an arc (!!!) of the second book in this series, The Lost Book of the White, I decided it was time for a re(listen)read and decided why not do an actual blog post on it! (I previously only wrote… Continue reading Audiobook Review: ‘The Red Scrolls of Magic’

Audiobook Review: ‘The Black Flamingo’

I have eagerly been awaiting my audiobook hold of The Black Flamingo to come in at the library and when it did, I listened to it all in one sitting and I was not disappointed! Title: The Black Flamingo Author: Dean Atta Series: Standalone Genres: Poetry, LBGTQ, Contemporary Goodreads Summary (Ok, so I was on… Continue reading Audiobook Review: ‘The Black Flamingo’