About us

We are Taylor & Missy, two girls who met at the City of Heavenly Fire launch party in 2014. Ever since then, we have become close friends and we still share our love of books. We also both love music, having bonded over bands such as Panic! At the Disco and 5 Seconds of Summer.  We also share a love of photography, as is evident in our Bookstagram account (@frayedbooks) and love having random photoshoots when we visit each other.


Frayed Books was born after BookCon 2017, where both girls realized that we should take our love for books to a whole new level. We were amazed by the community at the event this year and met many bloggers who inspired us to create our own blog. We hope to grow as we are just starting out and keep this book blog going for years to come.

Meet each of us by checking out our bios below!


Taylor loves traveling, binging TV shows and using copious amounts of highlighter so she glows like the sun. She is currently a graduate student studying to be a clinical mental health counselor and has a passion for mental health, as well as diminishing the stigma surrounding getting help when one needs it. She lives in Connecticut but travels to New York City quite often to visit her co-blogger and one day she hopes to live abroad in the U.K. Her favorite city is Paris and she could go on for hours about how magical and at home she feels when she visits. She loves Marvel movies and has a slight obsession with Wonder Woman. She loves to read books centered around LGBT and mental health themes, as these are two of her passions in life. Her favorite books include the Shadowhunter chronicles, Stalking Jack the Ripper, the Grisha saga and any book by Rick Riordan.


Missy loves going to concerts, taking photos, and traveling – usually to Japan. She currently works as a graphic designer, graduating from university with a BFA in Graphic Design and minor in Art History. She enjoys long walks through the halls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art or any art museum, really. Her favorite bands include The Fray, Fall Out Boy and Japanese rock (Jrock) bands such as One Ok Rock. You can usually find her at a concert on any given weekend. She also enjoys spending time outdoors when she can hike and bike. Her favorite books include the Shadowhunter Chronicles, The Illuminae Files, Nevernight Chronicles, anything by Scott Westerfeld, and even after all this time, always Harry Potter.