Audiobook Review: ‘Yerba Buena’

Yerba Buena is an adult novel about two women's separate lives and how they come together as adults. It's about how romance and love can be messy and is imperfect. This is a novel that I can't stop thinking about and it had some really intense moments. Title: Yerba BurnaAuthor: Nina LaCourSeries: StandaloneGenres: Romance, Contemporary,… Continue reading Audiobook Review: ‘Yerba Buena’

Audiobook Review: ‘Nothing Burns as Bright as You’

If you're looking for a book told in verse about two young Black teenage girls in love, you've found the right book. This book shines and I can't wait for more people to read it! Title: Nothing Burns as Bright as YouAuthor: Ashley WoodfolkSeries: StandaloneGenres: Contemporary, Poetry, LGBTQ+ Goodreads Summary I don't see enough books… Continue reading Audiobook Review: ‘Nothing Burns as Bright as You’

Audiobook Review: ‘All That’s Left in the World’

Post-apocalyptic story, but make it queer. This new release caught my eye and I'm glad I decided to pick it up, its been a while since I read a dystopian story about the end of the world, and while we're still living in a pandemic and this hit a littleeee close to home, I found… Continue reading Audiobook Review: ‘All That’s Left in the World’

Audiobook Review: ‘A Dark and Starless Forest’

I haven't seen this one talked about much, but it really should be! If you're looking for something a little darker with magic and found family, this is the story for you! There is no romance in this but it is very LGBTQ+ friendly. Title: A Dark and Starless ForestAuthor: Sarah HollowellSeries: StandaloneGenres: Fantasy, Contemporary… Continue reading Audiobook Review: ‘A Dark and Starless Forest’

Audiobook Review: ‘The Bone Spindle’

This Indiana Jones meets Sleeping Beauty adventure story was just released in January, and I'm glad I was able to get it to not long after release! Title: The Bone SpindleAuthor: Leslie VedderSeries: The Bone Spindle #1Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Witches Goodreads Summary This is an adventure story you really have to be in the right… Continue reading Audiobook Review: ‘The Bone Spindle’

Audiobook Review: ‘The Starless Sea’

This is a book that has been on my TBR since early 2019 and I just kept putting it off. I was scared to see if this lived up to the hype of The Night Circus. Well, I finally did it! I finally read it! Title: The Starless SeaAuthor: Erin MorgansternSeries: StandaloneGenres: Fantasy, Magical Realism,… Continue reading Audiobook Review: ‘The Starless Sea’

Audiobook Review: ‘The Grimrose Girls’

Boarding school where a girl just died and the four main girls are all queer? Say no more and sign me up! Title: The Grimrose GirlsAuthor: Laura PohlSeries: StandaloneGenres: Fantasy, Mystery, LGBT+ Goodreads Summary Boarding school set in a secluded mountain in Switzerland? The main four girls are all queer? Fairytale retelling? Sounds like a… Continue reading Audiobook Review: ‘The Grimrose Girls’