Audiobook Review: ‘Yerba Buena’

Yerba Buena is an adult novel about two women's separate lives and how they come together as adults. It's about how romance and love can be messy and is imperfect. This is a novel that I can't stop thinking about and it had some really intense moments. Title: Yerba BurnaAuthor: Nina LaCourSeries: StandaloneGenres: Romance, Contemporary,… Continue reading Audiobook Review: ‘Yerba Buena’

Audiobook Review: ‘A Show For Two’

I read Counting Down With You a few months back and fell in love with Tashie's fluffy and feel good writing, so I was excited to read her sophomore novel, A Show For Two! Title: A Show For TwoAuthor: Tashie BhuiyanSeries: Standalone Genres: Contemporary, Romance Goodreads Summary A Show For Two is about Mina, a… Continue reading Audiobook Review: ‘A Show For Two’

Audiobook Review: ‘Book of Night’

You had me at Holly Black. I am a huge fan of Holly's Cruel Prince series so I was eager to read her adult debut novel. Title: Book of NightAuthor: Holly BlackSeries: Standalone (?)Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal Goodreads Summary Unfortunately this one did not work for me. If this wasn't Holly Black, I very likely would… Continue reading Audiobook Review: ‘Book of Night’

Audiobook Review: ‘Never Saw You Coming’

I've had Never Saw You Coming on my TBR for ages and my library finally bought a copy of the audiobook, so I knew it was time to dive headfirst into this story! Title: Never Saw You ComingAuthor: Erin HahnSeries: StandaloneGenres: Contemporary, Romance Goodreads Summary You know a book is good when you're almost to… Continue reading Audiobook Review: ‘Never Saw You Coming’

Audiobook ARC Review: ‘I Kissed Shara Wheeler’

This is the mystery meets rom com YA f/f LGBTQ+ story I never knew I needed but boy did I need it! This was an incredibly fun read - it does not disappoint and goes into some deep topics about sexuality, gender, and religion. Title: I Kissed Shara WheelerAuthor: Casey McQuistonSeries: StandaloneGenres: Romance, LGBTQ+, ConteporaryRelease… Continue reading Audiobook ARC Review: ‘I Kissed Shara Wheeler’

Audiobook Review: ‘Part of Your World’

I would like a word with Abby Jimenez and ask her how she keeps writing such amazing romance novels with lovable characters that suck me in from the get-go! She is an auto-read author for me and I loved everything about this story! Title: Part of Your WorldAuthor: Abby JimenezSeries: Standalone (but set in The… Continue reading Audiobook Review: ‘Part of Your World’

Audiobook Review: ‘Love From Scratch’

Love From Scratch is the cooking YA romance book I never knew I needed until I read it. Reese and Benny stole my heart and this book was freaking adorable!!! Kaitlyn Hill is now an auto-read author for me and I already look forward to what she writes next. Title: Love From ScratchAuthor: Kaitlyn HillSeries:… Continue reading Audiobook Review: ‘Love From Scratch’

Audiobook Review: ‘Nothing Burns as Bright as You’

If you're looking for a book told in verse about two young Black teenage girls in love, you've found the right book. This book shines and I can't wait for more people to read it! Title: Nothing Burns as Bright as YouAuthor: Ashley WoodfolkSeries: StandaloneGenres: Contemporary, Poetry, LGBTQ+ Goodreads Summary I don't see enough books… Continue reading Audiobook Review: ‘Nothing Burns as Bright as You’