‘Into The Woods’ @ St. James Theatre: NYC (8/23/22)

Is there ever a bad time to venture Into The Woods on Broadway? I think not! I decided to see the original cast one last time before many of them leave on September 4th.

I’m going to try and be as honest and open in my reviews as I can. Please note these are my personal opinions and I’m always open to discussions!

Show Name: Into The Woods
Show Type: Musical
Location: St. James Theatre, NYC
Date Seen: Tuesday, August 23, 2022

🐮❤️🌽👡 This is my fourth time seeing Into The Woods! I saw it as part of the New York City Center Encores series back in May, Opening Night on 7/10/22, and on 7/26/22 to see Cheyenne Jackson‘s short run in the show!

I truly love Into The Woods. It’s such a feel good show and totally my type of show – fairytales. Good (bad) puns. And lots of heart. My seat for this was pretty good, not too far back in mezz so I had a great view – but still brought my binoculars, as I usually do these days. I recommend getting a pair of “opera glasses” or mini binoculars if you see shows often and from far away – its been a real game changer for me! The theater was pretty full for a Tuesday night!

It was nice to see Gavin Creel again, since the last time I saw it was for Cheynne Jackson in the role of Cinderella’s Prince/Wolf – but I love Gavin! He brings a lot of charm and wit to the role.

And my love Sara Bareilles. I’m going to miss her so much. She’s the reason I saw Waitress. She’s the reason I saw Into The Woods. I adore her and will see her in anything she’s in – and hope to catch her in concert one of these days again! (I saw her once a few years ago in concert.)

Julia Lester is such an amazing Little Red Ridinghood! She plays the role with so much spunk and I look forward to whatever projects she does next as she’s very talented.

I adore Phillipa Soo as Cinderella – going to miss her a lot too and I’ll always be happy to see her in any role.

Really, I’m going to miss everyone who is playing their last show on September 4th – but I look forward to seeing the new cast after September 6th too!

I simply love this show sooooo much! As of now it’s planning to close October 16th, which I grabbed tickets for already, but I have a strong feeling it’ll be extended again maybe through the holidays or into early January. I don’t know for sure, I guess we’ll see sometime next month! I would love for this to be an open ended run but alas it doesn’t seem thats the case. Every time I’ve gone thought he theater has been packed! We’ll see how it is after tourist season ends in September.

Basically if you can see Into The Woods on Broadway, I highly recommend it!!

Have you ever seen any version of Into The Woods? What are you thoughts on it?


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