Audiobook Review: ‘Weather Girl’

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Rachel Lynn Solomon never disappoints with her books. This is a romance where the MC is a TV meteorologist! I can’t say I’ve ever read a book where that was the characters profession, so that was a lot of fun!

This might be my favorite of Rachel’s books yet.

Title: Weather Girl
Author: Rachel Lynn Solomon
Series: Standalone
Genres: Romance, Contemporary

Goodreads Summary

Ari Abrams has always loved the weather and dreamed of becoming a meteorologist – she achieved this goal and is now on the morning news as a meteorologist! Not just any news station, but the one with Torrance Hale, the woman she admired growing up and who is now her boss.

Things aren’t as sunny as she had hoped (no surprise, Seattle isn’t known for its sunshine) because Torrance and her ex-husband Seth, the station’s news director, are super passive aggressive towards each other in the office. After a disastrous holiday party, Ari and sports reporter Russell decided to try and get their bosses back together.

I loved Ari and Russell’s chemistry! They started as friendly coworkers which slowly grew into more than friendship. The entire time it felt completely natural. They already had something in common, their workplace, and getting their bosses back together let them spend more time together scheming.

Ari is also depressed and on medication for it. She talks about how most of the time, its manageable with meds and therapy, but there can be really dark days. This story doesn’t gloss over mental health, it tells you like it is. There is also a note at the beginning from the author about how mental health looks different for everyone and there isn’t one magical cure all. I really loved how this book didn’t shy away from a serious topic like depression. Ari does have some dark days during this story so we get to see that side of her.

Russell has his own insecurities – he’s a bigger guy, what some people might consider fat, but he isn’t ashamed about his size. He played hockey in high school and his size was perfect for that. But just like Ari is insecure about her depression, Russell thinks Ari might not like him because of his size.

Russell is also a parent – the synopsis didn’t mention that, so maybe its a spoiler, but I feel like his 12-year old daughter is so important to him and his life – and therefore the story and his relationship with Ari. I loved how being a parent affected this story line as well.

And it wouldn’t be a Rachel Lynn Solomon book without the characters discussing their Jewish heritage. Its something I always enjoy about her books. I’m not Jewish myself, but I always learn something new from reading these books. Neither character is super religious, but their religion is important to both of them and their families and I love we get to see a small glimpse of that.

The sex scenes were pretty great in this one! It took a while to get there but the wait was soooo worth it. Very steamy.

There’s a lot going on in this book but it never once felt rushed. There was fleshed out storylines of Ari, Russell, Ari’s brother Alex & his partner and their kids, Torrance and Seth – it sounds like a lot but I promise you its not overwhelming. Its a wonderful story and I think this is my favorite story of Rachel’s I’ve read so far.

I should also mention, each Rachel book I read makes me want to move to Seattle more and more. I actually visited in fall 2021 and wow, I do indeed love the city and Washington state.

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I liked this audiobook. I thought the narrator had a bit of a soft voice, so I didn’t love it, but I liked it and would recommend if you’re interested in the audio.

My Rating:

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This book is soft. Its like a warm hug. There are serious topics discussed in this book and I appreciated that it was a romance where you can’t just have pieces of someone, if you want to love them, you need to accept and love all of them, even on their hard days.

This review is longer than I planned for so tl;dr: read this book!

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