Graphic Novel Review: ‘Bloom’

This is the baking boyfriends soft graphic novel I didn’t know I needed until I started and couldn’t put it down! Everyone had been recommending this graphic novel to me and I only wish I picked it up sooner.

Title: Bloom
Author: Kevin Panetta & Savanna Ganucheau
Genres: Graphic Novel, Contemporary, LBGTQ+

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I can see now why everyone was recommending this graphic novel to me. The art and shading are gorgeous. The story is so heartwarming and relatable.

Ari wants to move to the city with his friends/bandmates so their band can make it big – but his parents really need his help at their bakery that is failing to stay afloat. Ari persuades them to hire someone new so this new person can take his place when he leaves. And in comes Hector, who loves to bake and is taking a break from baking school.

What takes place is so endearing. It all feels very realistic and Ari acts like a (sometimes irrational) teenager who is technically an adult, but technically also still part of the family business his parents run.

I loved how much this focused on baking! I didn’t realize that when picking it up. So much baking, it makes me hungry just thinking about all these yummy baked goods. There’s also a little bit to do with music and Ari’s band (I enjoyed seeing a venue I recognized from Baltimore!) but that isn’t the main focus. The characters really drive this story home and I really enjoyed that.

I was sad when I reached the end – I want more of Ari and Hector’s story!

My Rating:



If you’re looking for a graphic novel that has two guys who love to bake and end up falling for each other then yeah, this is the book for you! I loved this and would recommend it to anyone, especially if you’re looking to read more LGBTQ+ and/or graphic novels.





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