Audio Review: ‘The Toll’

When you read the last page of a trilogy and immediately want to start over from Book 1, Page 1, I feel that is a satisfying story. That is how I feel now that I’ve finished The Toll. I’m sad this journey is over, but very satisfied.

Spoiler warning for Scythe & Thunderhead, obviously, since this is the third and final book of the trilogy.

Title: The Toll
Author: Neal Shusterman
Series: Arc of a Scythe
Genres: Sci-fi/Fantasy/Dystopia

Goodreads Summary



I feel Some Type Of Way about this series. I started off mildly enjoying Scythe, not loving it, but the ending intrigued me enough to continue on. Thunderhead had me on the edge of my seat the entire time AND THAT ENDING WOW! And The Toll felt like the end of a long journey, which it was. An uphill battle. Saying goodbye to an old friend. I’m very satisfied with the ending and yet I’m mad and yet I predicted the ending. I have conflicted feelings, but overall, I enjoyed this trilogy.

This is a love story, of sorts. A love for the human race. A love for the world. Individual love stories with very little actual embracing, more emotional relationships. A love for life. A love for death.

This series made me think. It made me scared. It made me relieved. It is a utopia so close to our own world that it makes you stop and think – would a world like this be possible in 100-200+ years? Who are we to say? Everyone already has “Alexa” in their homes, what is to say Alexa isn’t an AI who can do more then we all assume?

This trilogy asks the difficult questions. This series is unlike others I’ve read, where it doesn’t have one single focus. Yes, Citra is one of the “main characters” but this isn’t her story. It isn’t Rowan or Scythe Farraday or Scythe Goddard’s story. It’s the story of the world. It’s all these different factors and how individuals decisions can change the bigger picture. I enjoyed that it had multiple perspectives and views.

Would I like a sequel to The Toll? Yes.

Do I think we’ll ever get one? Unlikely.


This book was LONG. It was long and detailed and wordy. But that’s what I loved about it too. It delivered exactly what I expected from it, nothing less, nothing more.

The ending felt abrupt and yet, that is the way of life. So is it really abrupt? Life happens at a fast pace and so did this story. Not everything was tied up with a neat little bow, but maybe it doesn’t all have to be to be an enjoyable journey.

This series for me was definitely about the journey more than the destination.


The audiobook narrator has one of the most soothing voices I’ve ever had the privilege of listening to. Just such a smooth voice. Not the best audiobook narrator in terms of voices for different characters, but he’s very very good and I enjoyed listening to this series as audio.

My Rating:



Well if you’re picking up The Toll, I assume you’ve made it through Scythe and Thunderhead – so yes, this series is worth finishing. While it wasn’t my favorite series, I would even say its worth starting. This series made me really stop and think, and I can’t say a lot of series do that. This is categorized as “young adult” but I really think anyone would benefit from reading this series.



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