Let’s Talk Bookish: Rereading Books

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion, where we discuss certain topics, share our opinions, and spread the love by visiting each others’ posts.

This weeks topic is: Rereading Books

I haven’t done a Let’s Talk Bookish since NOVEMBER! I really liked this topic so decided this was a good one to jump back into~!

How many times is enough? Why re-read at all?

I don’t often reread books, but I’m always happy when I do and I never regret it. I like to reread a book before reading the sequel but don’t always have the time. Sometimes I’ll reread book 1 & 2 of a series before the final in a trilogy.

There is no such thing as too many times rereading a book – if you love it, reread to your hearts content!

Is re-reading just a comforting pastime? Or is there excitement to be relived?

I always find something new when I reread a book. Often times you don’t notice the bread crumbs laid early on until the very end, and rereading, I can notice those bread crumbs the author laid out since I know whats about to happen – and I love that! I love catching things I missed the first time around. And sometimes, if its been a while since I originally read the book, I completely forget what happens so its almost like its brand new to me!

What kind of books do you re-read?

I tend to reread fantasy books most often. I reread The Cruel Prince before reading Wicked King, and reread BOTH of those again before The Queen of Nothing – so yes, I read Cruel Prince three times so far, and I would reread it again!

I also like to reread books in the Shadowhunter series since that is such a vast world, there’s always something new I’ll catch on a second or third time reread. I remember rereading Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows before Queen of Air and Darkness.

Listening to audiobooks helps me reread books a lot faster than I normally would be able to. During a reread I’m usually able to speed up the narration too since I already know the plot and am able to get through the book quicker.

Do you ever re-read books you don’t like in hopes that it will be better the second time?

If I don’t like a book, that’s it, I’m done with it for good. I won’t go back to a book if I didn’t like it the first time – I highly doubt I’ll like it more the second time. Books only get once chance from me and I’m not afraid to DNF a book at any point.

Were there any books you didn’t like as a child but liked as an adult, or vice versa?

I actually reread Tuck Everlasting earlier this month – I originally read it probably 15-20 years ago, and reading it as an adult is a different experience. I liked it more as a child, I think, but I still appreciated it for its simplicity as an adult and I’m so glad I allowed myself to reread an old favorite. I own a tattered paperback copy and rereading reminded me why I do want to keep a copy of this book.

How about you – do you reread books? What are your thoughts on rereads?

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21 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish: Rereading Books

  1. A lovely post. I like the idea that you can pick up different things the second time around. I’ve only ever re read maybe one or two books and it was so long ago I can’t remember if I picked up anything new!

    Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog

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      1. It was interesting to see all the ways you answered the prompt ☺️ there really isn’t! I also enjoy doing Blog Tours so end up with even more reading material!


    1. It’s funny because I started reading it as an arc, and wasn’t feeling it, but picked it up as an audiobook and LOVED IT – so much, like I said, I read it 3x now! So that is a case of I put it down and picked it up again and ended up really loving it.

      I listen to audiobooks while I’m driving or doing household chores or going for a walk in the warmer months, I can’t just sit and do nothing, I have to be doing something else to be able to really focus!


  2. Great answers! Oh, those breadcrumbs you spot the second time around! I also find I’ve missed a very subtle nuance or even just forgotten events that are important in subsequent books. I don’t tend to re-read whole books for sequels, though I will skim through the last quarter to get back up to speed.

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      1. Fantasy books with their intense worlds are worth the reread, I agree! And I forget events completely sometimes too so rereading is nice to be like, ‘Oh, I totally forgot X character did that thing!’

        Skimming the last quarter is a smart and faster way to remind yourself of what happened, I’m going to have to try that next time! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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  4. “There is no such thing as too many times rereading a book – if you love it, reread to your hearts content!” << Love that!
    I love discovering new stuff on reread too. I'm always surprised wondering why I didn't notice before.

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  5. Great post! I totally agree that there’s no limit to re-reading; if you enjoy it then do it! I actually never thought of re-reading a book in a different format (as an audiobook) but that’s a great idea that I think I’m gonna try for my re-read challenge this year 😊

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    1. Thanks for reading! And yes, I love reading in a new format because sometimes it makes me realize things I missed the first time around! I’m glad I made the suggestion and hope you enjoy if you decide to listen to rereads as audiobooks! 🙂


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