‘Stranger Sings’ @ Playhouse 46 at St. Lukes: NYC (10/30/22)

What better way to spend Halloween weekend than seeing off-Broadway show Stranger Sings – a musical parody of – you guessed it – Stranger Things! I love Stranger Things so when I heard about this parody musical and saw TodayTix had $37 rush tickets, I figured it was worth a watch!

I’m going to try and be as honest and open in my reviews as I can. Please note these are my personal opinions and I’m always open to discussions!

Show Name: Stranger Sings
Show Type: Musical Parody
Location: Playhouse 46 @ St. Lukes, NYC
Date Seen: Sunday, October 30, 2022

👻🎃🙃 You need to have seen Stranger Things in order to appreciate this parody – but that’s usually how parody’s work. If you don’t know the original, you won’t understand why it’s supposed to be funny. This musical mainly followed the plot lines of Season 1, but Act 2 had random pieces of Season 2 thrown in there too.

This show is at Playhouse 46 at St. Lukes – aka the basement of a church. I will say the set was pretty cool looking for being a floor with a bunch of chairs for an audience around the edges – they worked with the space they had! This is obviously low budget, low production value, but I still had fun with it!

Will Byers, our main character who goes missing, is literally a puppet played by a puppeteer. They make jokes throughout of Will’s size and 1 foot 5 inch height status. I think Will being played by a puppet was one of the funniest and unexpected things.

Barb is an important character in Stranger Sings and the promotional flyer even has #JusticeforBarb on it! This show gives Barb the justice she deserves and how everyone else forgets about her.

Stranger Sings points out all the things everyone has been pointing out in memes for ages and makes it even funnier. The songs were fun and some were pretty catchy! One thing I didn’t expect was the other pop culture and musical references this show made.

*Spoilers for Stranger Sings*

These are a few of the references I remember, spoilers if you care about seeing the show. At one point when Joyce is freaking out, characters from 4 of the movies that Winona Ryder has roles in appear and start speaking to her which was hilarious! There was an ET scene with Eleven and Mike on a bike. A “lady of the underworld” sung line, referencing Persephone and Hades. At one point Dustin walks in, singing, “Hawkins, Indiana, Hawkins Indiana, Hawkins Indiana” in the same tune as “Gary Indiana” from The Music Man. There was a “feed me Seymour” line referencing Little Shop of Horrors. There were so many throughout the show, and as a relative musical newbie, I was impressed I caught so many of them!

*End spoilers*

While this wasn’t the greatest show ever, it was a lot of fun. If you’re a Stranger Things fan and looking for a musical parody of it, I recommend grabbing rush tickets from TodayTix app for $37 – its worth seeing for that price.

Do you watch Stranger Things? Would you ever see a musical parody of the show?


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