Audiobook Review: ‘In A New York Minute’

It’s not often I start a book and read more than half of it in one day – I was enjoying this one so much I didn’t want to put it down! I loved this meet-cute accidental meeting on a NYC subway and finding their way back to each other. This was such a feel good read!

Title: In A New York Minute
Author: Kate Spencer
Series: Standalone
Genres: Romance, Contemporary

Goodreads Summary

The story starts out with Franny getting laid off from her interior design firm job in Manhattan. As she’s schlepping her box of belongings home to Brooklyn, she runs to catch the subway (as New Yorkers do) and her dress gets caught in the door, only to rip down her back and expose her butt to the world (once the subway doors open again, that is). After much panicking and no safety pins from anyone on the train, a kind guy in a suit gives her his suit jacket and tells her to keep it, she needs it more than he does.

She thinks he’ll never see him again to return his Gucci suit jacket, but their meet-cute story on the subway goes viral thanks to someone snapping photos and sharing to Instagram, making them #SubwayQTs (since they were on the Q train….get it? HA!)

This is a hilarious and charming story of two people who are different and yet keep seeing each other and become connected in ways they didn’t expect. I love Franny’s over the top personality – she is an artist, after all, and decides in her newly unemployed status to start her own Interior Design business. And I love how Hayes is a business and numbers guy, he has a routine and sticks to it every single day.

In A New York Minute is a romance but its definitely more plot driven than most romance novels I read – there is not a lot of actual kissing or sex in this book, I would personally rate this at a high PG-13. They don’t kiss until over halfway through the book and the sex (spoiler not spoiler, its a romance, you knew it was coming) happens off page with little to no details. This didn’t bother me in the least. These characters were so interesting to read about and so well developed. Franny two best friends and Hayes ‘work wife’ and cousin both played important roles in this story too and I feel like we got to know all of them!

Maybe it’s because I live in NYC and can relate, but this story felt so down to earth and realistic. (And I can’t relate in that I’ve met an attractive guy on the subway, I wish – just the city aspects.) I loved this book and I’m so glad I decided to pick it up!

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This story is told in dual perspectives of Franny and Hayes, and has two narrators! I always enjoy dual narration books and enjoyed both of them. I thought this audiobook was well done and would recommend it.

My Rating:

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If you’re looking for a contemporary romance based in New York City of accidental meeting and continuing to run into each other, give this one a try! I had a lot of fun with it. If you’re looking for steamy romance, look elsewhere, but if you want a well developed & character driven plot, I highly recommend this one.

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