Audiobook Review: ‘Heard It in a Love Song’

I’ve recently been drawn to any book that says it involves music – I love music and attending concerts, so I’m always curious about stories to do with music. Unfortunately I found this one to be boring and DNF-ed it at 47%. I don’t usually write reviews for books I DNF, but I wanted to share a few of my thoughts on this one.

Title: Heard It in a Love Song
Author: Tracey Garvis Graves
Series: Standalone
Genres: Contemporary, Romance

Goodreads Summary

Layla was in a popular band before she met her now ex-husband, Liam. She met him at a performance but once they got together and married, he stole her passion for music and she stopped performing. They are divorced when this story takes place and Layla is trying to reclaim her life.

She’s a music teacher and one morning she meets Josh, a recently divorced man dropped off his 5 year old daughter. We learn about Josh and his ex-wife, Kimmy, as well.

There are flashbacks for both Layla and Josh of their past and how their past relationships came to be and how they slowly fell apart.

This book is….fine. There is nothing wrong with it, but there was also no spark that made me really excited to read more or care about these characters. I generally tend to read young adult, but I’ve been venturing more into the adult genre, but this one just didn’t do it for me. It was very slow and, for lack of better word, boring.

There are too many books in the world to read so I decided to call it quits with this one.

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The audiobook narrator was pleasant enough, I enjoyed her voice and thought she was good, but again, no spark that made me want to continue listening.

My Rating:

I typically don’t rate books that I DNF, but if I were to rate this, it would be 2/5 stars.

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If you like slow but detailed love stories, this one may be for you. The music aspect doesn’t play a huge of a part as I had hoped going into this sadly, but Layla is a music teacher and plays guitar for herself in the present, so its there, just not as expected.

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