Audiobook Review: ‘Sweet Talk’

I’ve been on a roll with these Audible Included audiobooks and decided to pick up Sweet Talk, a “sequel” to Call Me Maybe but this can be read as a standalone and makes complete sense. I actually forgot it was a sequel at first until I heard characters I remembered from Call Me Maybe. And spoiler alert, this one was even BETTER than the first!

Title: Sweet Talk
Author: Cara Bastone
Series: Love Lines #2
Genres: Romance

Goodreads Summary

I’ve been listening to these Audible Included audiobooks on road trips I’ve taken in the past month and Sweet Talk kept me company on a drive from D.C. to NYC and it was perfect. A lot of Sweet Talk takes place over voice text messages, so the characters are speaking directly to each other and it almost feels like a podcast.

Our protagonist “J.D.” receives a voice memo in the late hours of the night (early morning?) and assumes its a wrong number, but she has the contact in her phone and its none other than Eliot Hoffman, a man she’s been daydreaming about. However, he didn’t realize who he was texting and didn’t save her name correctly in his phone, so he doesn’t know who he’s talking to! It’s a hilarious exchange of these two getting to know each other and Eliot trying to guess who this “J.D.” in his phone is. They’re both insomniacs and end up chatting late into the night since neither of them can sleep.

This is a fast paced loved story told in a short amount of time, but it still feels like a complete story! We learn about J.D’s family, and Eliot’s sister is Vera, the MC from Call Me Maybe – these two stories actually overlap time wise and its really fun to see it happen in real time! As I mentioned above, you can read this without having read Call Me Maybe – this will spoil that story for you, but I don’t think its a big deal if you want to only pick up this one.

This is a romance but there isn’t any sex in here, its them getting to know each other. I’d say this is rated PG-13.

I laughed out loud more times than I can count and I highly recommend Sweet Talk if you subscribe to Audible – its free with your membership, no credit required!

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There are two narrators, one for J.D. and one for Eliot and I love dual narrators. I thought this was a fantastic audiobook as a lot of it takes place over voice text messages and I love the sound effects. That always adds another element to a story for me.

My Rating:

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I’m glad I’m giving these Audible Originals a try and I would recommend you do the same if you subscribe to Audible. This is a rom-com that takes place mainly over voice text memos and its so fun! It never felt awkward or forced. Highly recommend if you want a quick sweet rom-com! There is no sex in this book so don’t come looking for sexy times – its a fun getting to know the other person story.

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