Audiobook Review: ‘Sunset Springs’

I’m still on my kick of trying all the Audible books included in the Plus Catalog with membership, and when I saw a book by Kacen Callender, I knew I had to give this one a try since I loved Felix Ever After!

Title: Sunset Springs
Author: Kacen Callender
Series: Standalone
Genres: Romance, LGBTQ+

Goodreads Summary

This was a really quick listen. Charlie is forced to move back home after losing his job as an editor, 4 hours outside of New York City, to live with his mom in his childhood hometown. A place where everyone knows everyone. Except Charlie is transgender and gay and Black, and this little town isn’t very accept of anyone who is different.

Trigger warnings for racism, homophobia, and transphobia from small town folks.

This one was ok. I feel like it tried to pack too much story into too little time and got repetitive without really telling enough of a story for me to feel complete.

I appreciated the issues it raised of Charlie having to tell his high school friend Jack that even if he’s gay too, he still has it easier because he’s white and never had to deal with racism. This book isn’t a happy go lucky read, it deals with some heavy but important and real life issues.

It was an okay story and the rep was A+, but I would probably skip this one and wouldn’t really recommend it…

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I thought the narrator for this story was great and I enjoyed listening to it!

My Rating:

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If you’re looking for a quick listen that deals with important topics like racism, homophobia, and transphobia and how someone deals with them, this is a great place to start. The story was lacking in depth for me, even in a short novella, but it wasn’t awful. I just wanted more!

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