Audiobook Review: ‘Call Me Maybe’

This is another book that caught my eye from the Audible Included catalog and I decided to give it a try. Did I pick it up because of the title “Call Me Maybe” and how I love that pop song? Yes, that is what drew me to this – but again, I’m really happy I took a chance on this book as I really enjoyed it!

Title: Call Me Maybe
Author: Cara Bastone
Series: Love Lines #1
Genres: Romance

Goodreads Summary

So far I’m 2 for 2 with great books from the Audible Included Catalog – this book was a lot of fun!

Vera has been sitting on hold with the customer service line for her website hosting for 5 million hours – she has picked up coffee and bagel, driven from Brooklyn to New Jersey (which, as any New Yorker will tell you, also takes 5 million hours because there is always traffic) and finally, after 3 hours, she speaks to a real person.

Her customer service rep, Cal, has a great voice and is very helpful and they stay on the line for hours because her website needs a lot of technical help but Vera also likes talking to Cal…and they start flirting. This premise is really good and the way this is written, it really works without coming off as creepy or overstepping boundaries and I appreciated that.

There are dual perspectives, we hear from both Vera and Cal. This book was created specifically for Audible in the audiobook format and it shows – the prodcution level of this audiobook is fantastic – I love the sound effects that make it sound like either Vera or Cal are really speaking on a phone, you hear background noise depending where they are (outside, grocery store, their own apartments) which added another level to this audiobook.

Cal has his work cut out for him on Vera’s website for her “Date-in-a-Box” start up company. I loved the concept of this subscription box and Vera’s bubbly personality really made it so fun. She has “quit” so many other career paths she has tried but she’s determined to make Date-in-a-Box work, even if her family doesn’t believe in her.

We learn more about Cal and his life and even his cat! I loved when the sound effects included his cat meowing in the background.

This audiobook is just about 6 hours long so it feels enough like a full story, but still goes by extremely quickly! I’m glad I gave this one a chance as it was just what I needed to listen to. I would recommend this one if you’re looking for a cute rom-com that takes place entirely over the phone.

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If you’re going to read this one, I highly recommend it as an audiobook – I think you can read it as an ebook, but the sound effects and the fact most of this book takes place in phone conversations lends itself to listening to this rather than simply reading. There are two narrators, one for Vera and one for Cal, and I always love books with multiple narrators.

My Rating:

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I’m glad I’m giving these Audible Originals a try and I would recommend you do the same if you subscribe to Audible. This is a rom-com that takes place entirely over phone conversations and some DM’s and texts which really works in our current digital age. If you want something short and sweet but still feels like a complete story, Call Me Maybe is your book!

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