Let’s Talk Bookish: Overused Book Tropes

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion, where we discuss certain topics, share our opinions, and spread the love by visiting each others’ posts.

This weeks topic is: Overused Book Tropes

What are some tiresome tropes?
What tropes have you had enough of, and can they ever be done well?

There are some tropes I love and I’ll never tire of, some I actively avoid, and some it really depends on the setting – if its fantasy I may enjoy it more than if its contemporary or vice verse.

Some tropes I’m pretty much done with are:

  • Secretly royalty/rich/etc. – I don’t care that you’re actually a princess. It worked well in Princess Diaries and as a child of the 90’s, I will forever love that movie and Anne Hathaway. But in books? Yawn. I’m over it.
  • Fake relationships – I don’t much care for pretending to date and falling in love. Once in a while this will intrigue me but more often than not its in contemporary and it just feels so over done.
  • Only one bed – Ok, this is probably the most controversial thing I’ll say but. The only one bed trope? It was fun at first but IT DOES NOTHING FOR ME. I MUCH prefer the “oh no we hear somebody coming and we shouldn’t be in this room so quick lets pretend to kiss so they won’t see our faces and will hopefully just leave us alone” trope. (If theres a shorter name for that, please tell me. But I adore that one!)
  • Insta-love/love at first sight – No, you will not die for this girl you just met Romeo MAYBE ACTUALLY KNOW HER FOR MORE THAN 2 DAYS! So over the Romeo/Juliet insta-love feeling. Bro, you don’t even know her. How would you lay down your life for her? Sounds fake, but ok.
  • Friends to Lovers – Especially childhood friends to lovers? (I’m looking at you, Mal & Alina from Shadow & Bone) Nope. Hard pass. Does nothing for me.

Have you seen enough love triangles?

You know what? I’ll never tire of love triangles – if done correctly. I recently read These Hollow Vows and theres a semi-love triangle going on with a human girl and two faerie boys and yes that does sound very typical but I loved it and you can pry a fantasy love triangle from my cold dead hands. Give it to me always!

The Infernal Devices – the Tessa/Will/Jem love triangle. Ok well that kinda worked out in Tessa’s favor since she’s immortal and Jem – well, I don’t spoil it. But. If you know, YOU KNOW. I love them all.

The only thing better than a love triangle? A polyamorous relationship! SPOILERS FOR THE DARK ARTIFICES AND THE QUEEN OF AIR AND DARKNESS but its been 3 years since that book came out so if you haven’t read it yet I’m sorry. Mark/Cristina/Kieran – YES. SO MUCH YES. I will go down with this ship, I will sail into the sunset with it, I will die for this ship. I love the three of them and I’m so happy Cassie Clare wrote them to be together.

I also hear Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao has a great poly relationship – I’m looking forward to reading that soon! In The Ravenous Dark by A.M. Strickland also has a poly relationship, but I didn’t quite love that one. I would still recommend the book, but the relationship was…not as I expected.

Getting sick of enemies to lovers?

I love enemies to lovers – this is another one I’ll never tire of, if its done well. My favorite example is The Cruel Prince – I love this troupe in this series so much – it is the epitome of enemies to lovers.

Even in a contemporary setting like The Ex Talk, I really enjoyed it – they weren’t enemies per say, but they also weren’t friends, so this is a middle ground but I’ll call to enemies to lovers.

Another trope I love is ~Forbidden Love~ – why can’t these two people be together? I love any sort of forbidden romance – as long as its of legal age. I’m ok with student/teacher if the setting is college and its like a “student teacher” or a new, young teacher and the age gap isn’t too wide. This is one I’d say I’m picky with, i.e. if its forbidden because one person is already married – thats a huge no for me – but if done right, I do love some good forbidden love!

Ok, I clearly had a lot of thoughts about todays topic! Thanks for reading if you’ve made it this far!

How about you – what are some tropes you can’t stand any longer, and what are some you’ll never tire of?

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