Audiobook Review: ‘Chrysalis’

The author was hosting a giveaway on Facebook for a few copies of the audiobook of her newest novel, Chrysalis – I’ve read a Rie Anders book in the past and enjoyed it, and since I’ve been on a romance kick, I figured, why not enter! And what do you know – I won a copy!

Thank you to the author for an audiobook copy, all opinions are my own and I was under no obligation to share this review.

Title: Chrysalis
Author: Rie Anders
Series: Crown Family #1 (so far there are no more in this series)
Genres: Romance/Contemporary

Goodreads Summary

This story follows Charlotte aka “Charlie” – she is vice president of marketing for a company, she’s engaged to be married, her and her fiancé have a beautiful mansion – but Charlie still feels like something is missing in her life. She decides to stop by the dance studio across the street from her office and sign up for classes – pole dancing classes.

Charlie falls in love with pole dancing and takes classes as often as she can. When she tells her fiancé what she has been doing, he is displeased and belittles her, telling her to stop taking “stripper” classes – which she is not happy about. Despite that, Charlie doesn’t stop taking classes and only becomes more invested in pole dancing even entering a competition. I love that Charlotte doesn’t let a man tell her what she can or can’t do – she loves dancing and both her mind and body are stronger because of it.

One day at the studio she literally runs into Paxton, owner of the dance studio, and he is crass and unapproachable and yet Charlie feels drawn to him. You can guess where this is leading. It’s hard to say more without giving too much away, but dark mysterious sexy man? Oh yeah, hard to resist.

Honestly there is a lot packed into this book. The main focus is the pole dancing but there are a lot of emotional relationships within this story. I was really invested in each character and they all felt pretty well fleshed out. I wanted to know what would happen next. While some moments were predictable, others took be my surprise and I appreciate when a book can do that.

While this was good, its not without its flaws. Some authors use certain words too often, and with this story, its “laughs” – everyone laughs at everything! And not just laughs. “…laughs, and laughs, and laughs” – 3 times in a row – is said more times than I could count. (I should’ve counted.) It got to be a little ridiculous how often the laughs x3 was used throughout this book. Nothing was ever THAT funny and it drove me up a wall insane.

Another thing that bothered me – Charlotte tells everyone to call her “Charlie” but only her fiancé and college best friend call her that. Everyone else in her life calls her Charlotte – so that nickname felt almost pointless to mention.

As with Rie Anders past book, this book was good, but it was missing a spark that could’ve made it great. Don’t get me wrong – I still enjoyed this and thought the romance was sexy, but I always felt like some spark was missing. I’m giving this a solid 3 stars – still a good rating!

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I listened to this as an audiobook and I really enjoyed the narrator! I thought she did well with the narration and voices of characters – a few were a little awkward but overall it was a good listen. I ended up on 2.4x speed.

My Rating:

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As always, 3 stars is NOT a bad rating! I enjoyed this book and if you’re looking for a romance thats under the radar, I would say give this one a try and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised! I haven’t read many books that feature pole dancing strictly as a sport so that was refreshing and interesting to read about. It’s not just for strippers.

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