Let’s Talk Bookish: What makes you pick up YA/middle grade still?

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books & Dani @ Literary Lion, where we discuss certain topics, share our opinions, and spread the love by visiting each others’ posts.

It’s been a little while since I did one of these and this weeks topic was perfect: What makes you pick up YA/middle grade still…or why don’t you?

As adults some of us leave YA/Middle Grade behind and some of us continue to revel in it…but what separates us as readers?

Here’s the #1 thing I want to make clear: read what makes you happy. It doesn’t matter what it is, are you reading? Awesome! You’re a reader! Enjoy! There is nothing wrong with whatever you want to read.

I think as “adults” we want to leave “young adult” or “middle grade” behind because its not “cool” anymore. Please note how all of those are in quotes. What is an adult, really? When I was in college, was I an adult? Technically. Am I an adult now? Yes. Do I still look for a more adult adult when something goes wrong? Also yes. Theres a point in your life when you want to impress friends/schoolmates/coworkers/etc. And then you reach an age where you don’t give a f and go back to doing what made you happy before you felt like people were judging you.

If you still pick up YA/Middle Grade, what draws you to them instead of Adult Fiction?

The majority of what I read and review on this blog is YA! In general, YA is easy for me to read, and I read for pleasure. I don’t want to be struggling through a 1,000+ page book with big words. Thats great if you do, but I love a 300-400 page book I can easily finish within a few days. I feel accomplished. I read an entire story, start to finish! Yay me! YA feels like hug. It feels like going home. It’s comfortable. I love seeing young characters develop throughout the story and learn. I love a good coming of age story and that’s what a lot of YA is!

I occasionally read middle grade, but sometimes it feels too young for me as an adult – so YA is a good middle ground. There are a handle of middle grade novels I love and more I plan to read, its just not the genre I turn to most often unless its by an author I already know and love.

I will also note that I do read adult fiction as well. That’s a relatively new thing for me but I’ve found I’ve been enjoying adult fiction, usually when the characters are in their 20s/30s or if its historical fiction. It’s a bit of a cross over, and that new adult genre that never quite lifted off the ground of college/mid-20s age characters.

If you’re a teen, do you think you’ll still read YA/Middle Grade when you’re in your 20s/30s?

Ok I am not a teen but heres the thing. If you asked 16 year old Missy if she’d still be reading YA….. she probably would’ve told you yes. I remember reading the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld in 10th grade. I did an entire report on it, with real life diorama’s and everything. (Wish I knew where those went…) And guess what? 2021 me still read and loves Scott Westerfeld! So not much has changed since 2005.

I will say I went through a period of time before/during/right after college where I didn’t read much at all. And it made me sad. I only rediscovered my love for reading after college thanks to friends pushing City of Bones by Cassandra Clare on me. And I’m so glad for that, and I’m glad I got back into reading.

So this is just a note to anyone: if you start reading, but then stop, thats ok. You can pick it up again whenever you want. In a year, in 4 years, in 10 years. Books will always be there and you can always go back to them.

How about you – what makes you pick up YA? Or why not?

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish: What makes you pick up YA/middle grade still?

  1. “I don’t want to be struggling through a 1,000+ page book with big words. Thats great if you do, but I love a 300-400 page book I can easily finish within a few days. ” This is such a mood. I love big epic fantasies…but sometimes I want something lighter! I don’t always have time to read something massive.

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  2. Great post! I am an adult who reads picture books, middle grade, YA, and adult books. I started out reading YA fantasy (my first and forever love!) and that dominated my reading lists for years before I started branching out. I think in the past year of so, I’ve been wanting to read more adult contemporary romance than YAF. It’s made me miss YA a lot even though here and there I am still reading them, so I’m currently trying to make up for that. I am perfectly happy reading books of all kinds of all ages. I live for stories of all kinds and probably will for the foreseeable future.

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    1. Well said! I agree, as a reader I also live for all sorts of stories and we shouldn’t be put into just one box. Our tastes can evolve over time to include more things, but I don’t see anything wrong with reading “kids” books at any age! There’s some good stories to be had there! 🙂

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