Audiobook Review: ‘The Ex Talk’

The premise of this one really intrigued me – radio talk show hosts who pretend to be ex’s and host a talk show on being ex’s and giving relationship advice – what?! I haven’t heard that one in the romance world before and I flew thru this book! It was a lot of fun.

Title: The Ex Talk
Author: Rachel Lynn Solomon
Series: Standalone
Genres: Romance, Contemporary

Goodreads Summary

I fell in love with Rachel’s writing after reading Today Tonight Tomorrow last fall, so when I heard she had an adult romance book coming out, I was intrigued! The Ex Talk was so much fun and I was into it immediately. Sometimes books take a little while for me to warm up to them, but with The Ex Talk, I was flying through the audiobook from the beginning.

This books focuses on Shay, a 29 year old who has worked the same job in public radio since she interned there in college, and Dominic, a 24 year old reporter who thinks the only kind of journalism is the “serious” ground breaking news type.

Shay is so relatable it hurts. She’s 29 and feels like she should have her life figured out. Sure, she bought a house in Seattle, has a stable job she loves, and a mom who supports her, but she still feels like she isn’t a real adult. And let me tell you, I turned 30 last year and I feel the exact same way. At what age are you an “adult”? What check boxes do you have to tick off to be a qualified adult? Shay works through these things in the book and it felt so real to me, a “pretend” “adult” myself.

I loved Shay’s and Dominic’s easy banter and rivalry at the radio station. They weren’t exactly “enemies” but they weren’t friends before co-hosting a talk show either. I honestly did not know a lot about public radio before this, but I feel I know a little more now and I loved that premise, I loved reading about people who work in radio! This is definitely a take on enemies-to-lovers situation, but told in a way I haven’t seen before. I didn’t find the “radio” part to be awkward at all – there were transcripts of pieces of their radio show/podcast throughout the story which made it feel natural.

As they try and grow the following of the show, their friendship grows as well…and grows into something more. The romance in this was great, there were soft moments and also hot and steamy moments throughout the second half of the book. I wouldn’t call this a super steamy book, nothing too intense in my opinion, but it was still good.

I also loved the diversity Rachel put into this book. Shay is Jewish and Dominic is Korean American. I do appreciate that Rachel (being Jewish herself) always puts Jewish characters into her books. I think its important for all types of people to be able to see parts of themselves on the page.

My only annoyance at Shay was sooooo many issues could have been solved or avoided if only she communicated with Dominic! Talking solves so many things, and yet, she had the conversation in her head instead of in real life. Again, this is realistic – I can relate, we all do this. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t mentally screaming at Shay.

Overall, I had a fun time reading this story and I am definitely a fan of Rachel’s books and look forward to reading more of her works ASAP!

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I enjoyed the audiobook narrator for this one, she was light and upbeat and felt perfect for Shay! My only wish is this book was told in two perspectives, and we could see Dominic’s POV as well, but alas. This was still a fantastic audiobook and I would recommend listening to it! Get it, listening, because its about the radio! Ha.

I ended up listening to this on 2.6x speed by the end, the narrator had an easy to listen to voice so I could go faster which I appreciated. (And I was also eager to know how it ended!)

My Rating:

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Casual reminder that 3.5 stars is NOT a bad rating! I’m rounding up to 4 stars on Goodreads. I had fun with this book, but it bothered me at some points too, so its not perfect in my eyes. When I read, I like to have fun, and this book brought me enjoyment.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a quick, fun, romantic read any time of the year! This is an “adult” book so there are sex scenes, but in my opinion, they’re rather quick and on the tamer side.

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6 thoughts on “Audiobook Review: ‘The Ex Talk’

  1. I need to read this book! Great review! This book kind of reminds me of Ten Rules For Faking It by Sophie Sullivan, which also takes place at a radio station.

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