Audiobook Review: ‘More Than Maybe’

I’ve been intrigued by this book since I first heard the premise about the music aspect, and finally I was able to listen to it, and! …is this book actually written about me? I’ve never related to a book as much as I have this one – and needless to say, I loved every second of it.

If you’re looking for a YA contemporary that focuses on music, music journalism, running a venue, and concerts, step right up! This is the book for you!

Title: More Than Maybe
Author: Erin Hahn
Series: n/a – Standalone
Genres: Contemporary, Romance

Goodreads Summary

I’m always interested in books that focus on music, but they’re usually hit or miss for me. This one was a hit.

I love live music probably more than I love books (shh, don’t tell my books that!) – music is who I am. I always say, if you’ve never seen me after a concert, you’ve never seen me truly happy. And thats how I felt about this book. It was like attending a concert with an old friend, and then writing a review when you get home that night, and then the next day, sending each other lyrics or YouTube videos and you can’t get that stupid smile off your face.

Vada has a solid plan to get into the music journalism world – work at the local bar with local rock legend, work & organize concerts at the bar, write concert reviews on her blog, get accepted into college for music journalism, manage the summer concert series the bar puts on. She has it all figured out. But she didn’t figure British classmate Luke into her equation.

I loved Vada’s enthusiasm and motivation. She’s a girl with goals and working hard to achieve them. I relate to her so much – I started working at a local venue a few years ago because I wanted to be closer to the music. I contribute to a blog where I write reviews & share photos of concerts (I focus on Japanese rock music). I could relate to Vada and what she was doing and it was amazing to experience it through her eyes.

Vada and Luke had always been friendly but when Vada is put in charge of the bar and needs a hand last minute, Luke steps up to the plate and helps her out which grows their friendship and I really enjoyed seeing 1that.

The relationships between all the characters in this book feels well fleshed out and realistic. Luke’s twin brother, Cullen, also plays an important role in this book. Luke and Cullen have a popular podcast together that gains them both attention from the local community.

This was such a fun read and during COVID times, it really makes me miss concerts and that connection you have with strangers when listening to the same music live. There’s something about that experience which is hard to explain, and if you’ve never been to a concert you may not appreciate this book as much as I did – but I hope you’ll give it a try!

This book is told from both Vada and Luke’s perspectives, so the audiobook has two narrators! I always enjoy audiobooks with more than one narrator and this one hit the spot. Luke is British and therefore his narrator is British. I will note Vada’s narrator’s recording did not sound as good quality as Luke’s. Maybe I’ve just listened to too many audiobooks at this point, but the quality of Vada’s audio was lacking, but Luke’s portions were fine. It bothered me at first, but as the story went I grew to accept it.

So while I do like this audio, the quality bothered me. I think this would be just as good in print as in audio.

I listened at 2.25x speed and even that felt a little slow.

My Rating:

I recommend this to anyone who loves music and concerts! This book felt so comfortable to me, like a well worn hoodie. It was like I was greeting an old friend in Vada, and Luke too. If you’re looking for a contemporary focusing on music, you’ve found it.

Do you know of any other books focusing on music you could recommend to me? I also really enjoyed The Brightsiders!


11 thoughts on “Audiobook Review: ‘More Than Maybe’

  1. I also listened to this audiobook and I really enjoyed it! This book wasn’t horribly surprising for me, but I did have a great time reading it and I really liked the characters and their goals! 🙃 Thanks for the review!

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