Audiobook Review: ‘The Black Flamingo’

I have eagerly been awaiting my audiobook hold of The Black Flamingo to come in at the library and when it did, I listened to it all in one sitting and I was not disappointed!

Title: The Black Flamingo
Author: Dean Atta
Series: Standalone
Genres: Poetry, LBGTQ, Contemporary

Goodreads Summary



(Ok, so I was on a roadtrip so thats how I easily listened to this all in one sitting – but thats besides the point lol.)

I loved the journey this book took us on of Michael’s life from a child who wanted a Barbie, not the newest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure, to an adolescent who enjoyed singing and didn’t want to get into fights, who was better friends with girls than he ever was with boys, to a university student figuring out his place in the world.

This is the story of someone who is “mixed race” (but as his mother tells him, that isn’t a bad thing and should not be seen as such), doesn’t feel Jamaican enough, and doesn’t feel Greek enough. Michael is gay, but this isn’t just a story about coming out – its about coming into the person you want to be. Fair warning, there is some homophobia in this story, but briefly.

Michael struggles to see where he fits in in the world in university – does he belong in the Jamaican club? The Greek club? Until he discovers the Drag Society – those who dress in drag. Finally he feels like he’s found a place he belongs. I love seeing Michael discover himself as “The Black Flamingo.”

Oh and did I mention the book is told in verse format? Listening to the audiobook, I honestly didn’t even notice it was in verse – it all flowed beautifully together.

This story is short, with the audiobook clocking in at just under 4 hours. I would recommend reading this all in one sitting, if possible – I definitely appreciated Michael’s journey more all together.



I really enjoyed this as an audiobook and highly recommend it! I adore when the author reads their own words, especially when it’s told in poetry/verse format such as this story. I didn’t realize going into this that this is set in the UK, and the author is British – so that was a nice surprise as well!


My Rating:




I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone, especially if you are looking to read more diversely and read books with LGBTQ+ themes. I always enjoy reading books about those whose lives are so unlike mine – it’s important to see what other people might be facing, and this book is a great stepping stone.



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