Audiobook Review: ‘Felix Ever After’

I’ve seen this book around a LOT lately, and I’m glad I was finally able to see what it was all about for myself – and this story blew me away. PROTECT FELIX AT ALL COSTS!!!

Title: Felix Ever After
Author: Kacen Callender
Series: Standalone
Genres: LBGTQ, Contemporary

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I’ve been sitting on writing this review for a little while because with a story like this, you need to just sit and think about it for a while – and I think books like that are my favorite kind.

This is such a heartwarming coming of age story about someone who is Black, queer, and transgender – and questioning his gender throughout the story as well. Felix is such a likeable and relatable character and I think a lot of 17-year olds will be able to relate to him.

Felix doesn’t hide the fact he’s transgender or queer, hes proud of his identity. His dad supports Felix, but is also struggling to accept Felix as who he is today and Felix is (understandably) frustrated by this. He refuses to say “son” or use Felix’s name, and instead says “kid.”

A lot of this story takes place with Felix and his friends at their summer art program, preparing them to apply for colleges. Felix wants to be an illustrator and a lot of this story focus on his art and I absolutely loved that. The cover should’ve been a hint, but I didn’t realize how much this story focused on art and I really enjoyed that.

I enjoyed discovering this story going in without knowing too much, and I think that’s how you, reader, should go into this story as well. There is a lot more I could say about this, but I’ll leave it as is. Felix isn’t perfect, he’s growing and learning and a teenager and this story feels so realistic.

As always, please seek out ownvoice reviewers – those who are trans, Black, and/or queer.



A lot of this story focuses on the catfishing aspect, and while I knew that going in, it still isn’t something that ever sits right with me. Catfishing in books or tv or movies makes me uncomfortable. I think Felix could have handled the situation better but then again, he’s 17 – he shouldn’t know everything. He’s still learning how to handle relationships (both friend and romantically).



The audiobook is narrated by a Black transmasc narrator and for books such as this, someone who identifies closely to the character is important in my mind.

I really enjoyed this  narration, I felt the narrator did a fantastic job of conveying Felix’s emotions. I would recommend this one as an audiobook, but I think this is also a powerful story in print.

I listened comfortably on 2.35x speed.



My Rating:




I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. If you’re looking to read more diversely, what could be better than a story about a transgender teen from a trans author? This is an important story that I hope will reach those who need to see themselves in books in a positive way.



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