ARC Review: ‘The Grey Sisters’

I saw the comparison to Sadie and I knew I had to try this one. But was it what I expected? Read on to find out!


Title: The Grey Sisters

Author: Jo Treggiari

Series: Standalone

Genres: Young Adult

Publication Date: September 24, 2019

Goodreads Summary


The premise of this novel was good! I was definitely intrigued about the idea of a plane crash and all of the characters playing a different role in how to affected them. Sadie was such an amazing book (I haven’t read The Cheerleaders, another book it was compared to) so I couldn’t wait to have another book that gave me the same feelings that one did. I thought this book would be creepy but also maybe have some grief resolution. But… there wasn’t any.


These are always the reviews that I don’t like to write. But… I just really didn’t like this book at all. There need to be content warnings for animal abuse, kidnapping, cultist elements, sexual assault… yeah, that’s a little too many content warnings for me. The book was “fine” until we met Ariel and that who storyline came into play. It was a weird story and it just didn’t make sense. They didn’t need to be there, it could’ve been something completely different without “Big Daddy” and the “Uncles” and all that weird stuff. I probably would’ve liked it more if it followed the original plot, which was the group of teens going to visit the crash site to get some closure. I had to sit for a second after I finished this and be like…. what did I just read? because it was confusing and I felt strange after finishing it. I would’ve DNFed it but it was so short I felt I needed to see it through. The only way this is like Sadie is the creepy old men factor.

My Rating:


This is a rare occurrence where I need to explain my rating. I gave it 2 stars because I finished it, it had potential, and there was one element that surprised me and I thought was ever so slightly redeeming.Recommendation

I can’t recommend this book unfortunately. If you want to read it, be aware of the content warnings above.



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