Audio Review: ‘Meet Cute’

I’ve been trying to read more adult romances and I saw this one floating around bookstagram so I definitely needed to pick it up!
Title: Meet Cute

Author: Helena Hunting

Series: Standalone

Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Romance–Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction–Chick Lit, Adult, Fiction

Goodreads Summary


I haven’t read Pucked by this author but I definitely need to after reading this book, but I recognized that it was the same author. This book was just amazing and swoony and sexy. Kailyn was an awesome main character and I liked her a lot. She’s a woman who works hard for her career and gains a great status as a lawyer. This is a story of living to work and being passionate about helping people through the law field. The beginning of the book is definitely a meet cute, hence the title of the book. She runs into one of her favorite actors, Dax, on her first day of law school–finding out he is also studying to become a lawyer now. The book then flash forwards and Kailyn meets Dax again when he comes into her office. Dax is cute and I liked him a lot. He wasn’t a douche and, while I like that in some books, it wouldn’t have worked in this one. He was sweet and I appreciated how their relationship progressed naturally. This book also deals with death and the grief aftermath of that, which I felt was well-done. It was shocking and surprising but it helped the overall plot develop even though it was a little far-fetched. But what romance book isn’t far-fetched sometimes? I love those ridiculous, ‘wow I can’t believe that happened’ sometimes. The romance in this book gave me such butterflies. And the sexy scenes just as much. They weren’t terribly explicit but rather done tastefully and I love reading erotic scenes from women that fit this bill.


My only dislike is that the book ended and there aren’t any more books in this series, as it is a standalone. I can’t wait to read other books by this author because holy wow, it was so freaking good.

My Rating:



I would recommend this book to fans of adult romance and are looking for a sweet yet steamy read!


4 thoughts on “Audio Review: ‘Meet Cute’

  1. I’m so glad to hear that you really enjoyed this one! 😊 I’ve been meaning to read it, so I really need to finally do that. I haven’t read Pucked yet either, but I’ve heard great things about it and didn’t realize it was by the same author either, which is really funny.


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