Retelling-A-Thon Prompts and Teams Announcement!

We hope you’re getting excited about Retelling-A-Thon! We have our prompts for each week that we wanted to share with you, so you can start forming your TBRs.


Mythology–Week 1: August 1-8 [Frayed Books]

Zeus’ lightening bolt: A retelling of Greek mythology

Neptune’s trident: A retelling of Roman mythology

Sun’s immortality: A retelling of Asian mythology

Loki’s mischief: A retelling of Norse mythology

Horus’ eye: A retelling of Egyptian mythology

Readers’ Choice

Reader’s Choice


Shakespeare–Week 2: August 9-16 [Hermit Librarian]

Do Not Say the Name: A retelling of Macbeth

Talk to the Skull: A retelling of Hamlet

Witty Fool or Foolish Wit?: A retelling of the Twelfth Night

Foolish Mortals and Faeries: A retelling of A

Mid Summer’ Night’s Dream

Star-crossed lovers: A retelling of Romeo & Juliet

Readers’ Choice

Reader’s Choice


Fairy Tales–Week 3: August 17-24 [Sereadipity]

Under the Sea: A retelling of Little Mermaid

Sweet Dreams: A retelling of Sleeping Beauty

Beware the Wolf: A retelling of Red Riding Hood

Let Down Your Hair: A retelling of Rapunzel

Guess My Name: A retelling of Rumplestilskin

Readers’ Choice

Readers’ Choice


Classics–Week 4: August 25-31 [JM Bibliolater]

Truth Universally Acknowledged: A retelling of Jane Austen

Terror Made Me Cruel: A retelling of Bronte sisters

We’re All Mad Here: A retelling of Alice in Wonderland

It’s Alive!: A retelling of Frankenstein

Glitter and Jazz: A retelling of the Great Gatsby

Reader’s Choice

Reader’s Choice


You’ll notice every week has 2 days of Reader’s Choice. This means that you can choose any retelling listed on the graphic to read a book about that fits in that week’s theme. It can be a repeat of a previous prompt, or a new one. Alternatively, you can also use these as “catch up” days to finish the prompts we have given you!

You can track your progress on social media in the following format, so others can hype you up to keep going!


#RetellingAThon Day [insert day here]

Pages Read: [insert total for that day]

Total Pages: [insert total for thon]

Challenges completed: [insert # of prompts you complete/25]


And now for our team announcements:

Mythology Team

Theresa — @theresajsnyder






Shakespeare Team





Fairy Tales Team













Classics Team




Make sure you check out each host, as they will be posting their own TBRs and graphics for you to track your final stats!

Come back at the end of July to join me as I host the first week 😀

Share your TBRs on social media with the hashtag #RetellingAThonTBR!


6 thoughts on “Retelling-A-Thon Prompts and Teams Announcement!

  1. Should I reread one of my favorite books (which is literally called Red Riding Hood) or should I try and find another Red Riding Hood retelling? Hmmm decisions decisions 🤔

    Btw I’m so excited for this!!

    Liked by 1 person

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