Audiobook Review: ‘Through Blood, Through Fire’

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Jem and Tessa anymore than I already do, HERE WE ARE, and I’m loving them even more! After reading this, I’m even more excited to see what happens in Queen of Air and Darkness, especially with Jem & Tessa~

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Spoilers for Lady Midnight
I will put these spoiler warnings before all Ghosts of the Shadow Market reviews, but a rule of thumb in the Shadowhunter world is – if you aren’t caught up, read it in publication order.

Title: Through Blood, Through Fire
Author: Cassandra Clare, Robin Wasserman
Series: Ghosts of the Shadow Market #8
Rating: 4/5

Goodreads Summary

For the most part, this wasn’t my favorite of the novellas. It felt repetitive, like we’ve been hearing this about Jem searching for the lost Herondale FOR 8 STORIES NOW. If you’ve read The Dark Artifices, we all pretty much know who it is, but it’s nice to have confirmation in this story. (Still waiting for my updated Herondale family tree over here!!!)

“Loss was an inevitability of love. Pain, the inescapable price of joy. Everyone had to learn this sometime. Maybe this is what it meant to grow up.”

I loved hearing more about the “lost” Herondale line to see how the present Herondale came to be. I’m curious to see if this backstory will come into play at all, of it was just that – backstory.

This is a story about Jem and Tessa’s undying love for each other and I just love them both so much. I want them both to be happy. We know it’ll take a lot for Tessa, a warlock, to die. But Jem? He’s mortal now. Just thinking about how he, like Will, will someday no longer be…. It’s a thought both Jem and Tessa have but decide not to dwell on. The end of this novella ends on a particular high note which shocked and excited me! I look forward to seeing this information play out in Queen of Air and Darkness.

Audiobook Thoughts
I loved this as audio and would recommend. I’m rather partial to Candice King (née Accola) as an actress, so I was so excited when it was announced she would be reading this one! I thought she did a fabulous job. This doesn’t add anything to the story, but if audio is you thing – listen to this one.

Omg yes. You need to read this ASAP, preferably before Queen of Air and Darkness. The information we found out in this one blew me away! It’s a fitting finale to the e-novellas!

THIS IS IT. WE’VE REACHED THE END. MY BODY IS READY FOR QUEEN OF AIR AND DARKNESS. And the printed version of Ghosts of the Shadow Market and the two stories only available in print in June 2019. But we’ll have to wait for that. See you on the other side, fellow Shadowhunter friends.


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