Audiobook Review: ‘A Deeper Love’

After how much I disliked Learn About Loss, this story was so much better, focusing on Tessa and Catarina’s lives as nurses during WWII. We’re back on the right track. Not my favorite, but I did enjoy this one! I’m beginning to realize I’m most excited for the stories that revolve around The Last Hours characters/TID kids. I want more!

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Spoilers for The Infernal Devices series.
I will put these spoiler warnings before all Ghosts of the Shadow Market reviews, but a rule of thumb in the Shadowhunter world is – if you aren’t caught up, read it in publication order.

Title: A Deeper Love
Author: Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson
Series: Ghosts of the Shadow Market #5
Rating: 3.5/5

Goodreads Summary

I will always love Tessa and any stories about her, and this is no exception. Tessa’s relationship with Brother Zachariah/Jem is like no other; theirs transcends time. If you love Tessa and Jem – you will love this story.

We don’t have much information of Tessa’s life after Will died from her perspective – we have Magnus’s account, but not Tessa’s so I was very excited to see a glimpse into her life during that period. I was also fascinated to learn about Tessa’s friendship with Catarina, as we haven’t seen enough of that. Female friendships, especially between warlocks, are important and I hope we see more of this!

I did enjoy this one and I’m curious to see how (if at all) what we learned in this story will play into Tessa’s life in the present time. Was this my favorite? No, not at all, but it was an enjoyable (if a bit forgettable) read.

Audiobook Thoughts
I enjoyed this audio! The narrator has such a nice, sweet voice, sounds like a Tessa voice. It’s an innocent voice, almost child-like but, not. I would recommend this audio, I would even love to listen to more by this narrator!

If you’ve read Infernal Devices and have WESSA and JESSA feels, this is the story for you. It touches on Tessa’s immense love for both Will and Jem and I was rolling in my feels. I forgot how much I loved Tessa until this moment. She isn’t playing the role of mother anymore, as her children have grown up – she’s become Tessa Gray again. If you’ve read Lady Midnight/Lord of Shadows…well. You should read this too.

As with The Bane Chronicles and Tales From The Shadowhunter Academy, all of these short stories will be published in a bound book, expected in 2019.

So. Which did you ship more: Wessa or Jessa? During TID I was totally Wessa but….I also love Jem I LOVE THEM BOTH.


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