Review: ‘Seafire’

Ahhhhh! I have to thank my boyfriend for fighting for a ticket to get this book at Bookcon. The swag he got was also awesome and it fit perfectly with this story!

Title: Seafire

Author: Natalie C. Parker

Series: Seafire

Rating: 4/5 stars


This story follows Caledonia Styx, a female captain of the Mors Navis who sails along with her ‘sisters’ to avenge a man named Aric and his crew. They are brought together for the same reason: Aric has slighted them all and they really do act like sisters. But a wrench is thrown in the plan when a Bullet–Aric’s men–defects and falls onto their ship in a bloody battle. Caledonia must look into herself and decide what is best for her crew and what is the best way to get what she loves back.


I am finding that I actually do like pirate-y books, but only when there are female captains. Song of the Current was an example, and this is yet another! I really really REALLY liked this book. It was enchanting and enveloping and I felt like I was a part of the crew while I was reading this, which really is the goal for a book, to feel like you are there and in it. I thought that Caledonia was such a badass female character and I loved every second of her, even when she was being her stubborn self. The sisterhood was my favorite part: the way the girls worked together and showed that they were just as strong, if not stronger, than the men. The world-building was lovely and I felt like I could picture the ship and the world in my head while I was reading. The story had twists and turns and left me questioning how the next chapter would end. All in all, it had the elements of an amazing book.


I didn’t give it 5 stars because it wasn’t a love, it was a strong like. I am careful with saying that I love a book and I am very picky about that, so don’t take my rating as it wasn’t an amazing book because it wasn’t a 5! I rarely give 5s, to be honest. I don’t know what would have made this book a 5 for me but nevertheless I enjoyed it so much.


I would recommend this book to fans of strong female characters as well as pirate-y things!

Happy reading! ~ Taylor


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