Audiobook Review: ‘Every Exquisite Thing’

After Cast Long Shadows, it has been nice staying within the same time period. This story focuses on Anna Lightwood and I have already fallen so in love with her.

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Spoilers for The Infernal Devices series.
I will put these spoiler warnings before all Ghosts of the Shadow Market reviews, but a rule of thumb in the Shadowhunter world is – if you aren’t caught up, read it in publication order.

Title: Every Exquisite Thing
Author: Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson
Series: Ghosts of the Shadow Market #3
Rating: 5/5

Goodreads Summary

Where to begin with the dapper Anna Lightwood? She is genderqueer in a time where the notion and the word didn’t exist. Anna is Anna and doesn’t want to be put into just one box of being a girl/daughter/someday wife who wears frilly dresses. She is much more comfortable in a tailored suit – or her brothers old clothes, as she tries to hide who she really is behind closed doors.

I loved reading about Anna so much. She is one of the most interesting characters, especially for this time period but also overall in the Shadowhunter world. She eyes ladies that she fancies on the street, and sometimes they even look back at her the way she looks at them. She is alluring. It was enticing to read about a genderqueer person in the 1900s and how she manages, and what she feels.  

I will admit I was skeptical about all of the Infernal Devices children at first but these stories are making me much more comfortable with them. I am looking forward to learning more about everyone, but especially Anna and how she evolves and changes into who she truly is.

Brother Zachariah is featured in this story as he will be all stories, but I honestly didn’t focus on him as much as I did Anna. He is  seeking vital information that a warlock at the Shadowmarket has. What he is looking for isn’t too shocking, but it is fascinating what he finds out!

I love seeing the warlocks in the 1900’s who we later come to know in the present time. I might have gasped as we met a certain warlock in particular…

Audiobook Thoughts
The narration in this one was A++, highly recommend this! The voice was perfect and what I feel like Anna Lightwood might sound like. Loved this one as audio!

Along with the previous story, Cast Long Shadows, you will certainly want to read this one before The Last Hours comes out in 2019! The background information we learn about Anna is so interesting, and seeing Cecily and Gabriel Lightwood too! It’s been so long since The Infernal Devices, this is a nice gentle step back into 1900’s England. Highly recommend this story before you read The Last Hours!

As with The Bane Chronicles and Tales From The Shadowhunter Academy, all of these short stories will be published in a bound book, expected in 2019.

On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you to learn more about Anna Lightwood? I’m at a solid 11 right now – she is fascinating!



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