Review: ‘Furyborn’

I had heard so much about this book online and I hadn’t read a book by this author yet so I figured that it was time to try!


Title: Furyborn

Author: Claire Legrand

Series: Empirium

Rating: 3/5 stars


This book follows the story of Rielle, who finds out that she possesses all 7 types of magic known to her world when trying to protect her best friend. The problem is, that this is only to have been known to 2 prophesied queens in history. Rielle must prove that she is the “Sun Queen” by enduring a series of trials that will test every element of her magic, or possibly kill her in the process. In another storyline, Eliana is a bounty hunter in the future who finds that the empire is more evil than ever could have been imagined and she sets out on a quest to find her mother that has mysteriously vanished. These stories coincide and build off of one another in a tale of triumph.


I found this book to be so-so. I feel like it was hyped a little bit and it actually still is being hyped, so I might actually re-read it in the near future. I really enjoyed the character of Rielle: I thought she was strong in ways she didn’t know that she could be and that discovery of magic with her was something that brought her realization to life. I think that the way this happened was actually quite interesting and the trials were as well because she was learning about herself at the same time. It’s certainly one of those books that reminds me of other YA novels but it was unique in its own way. I think that the cover is absolutely gorgeous and illustrates the book well, with its two crowns and bold graphics. I thought that this book also kept my attention which is something that is difficult quite often when I am reading a ton of galleys that I need to review in succession. I wanted to keep reading and I actually read it almost all in one sitting.


I feel like many people know by now that I really don’t like dual storylines. And it isn’t just in books: pretty much in any movie or TV show I also dislike them. I find it hard to connect with both of the characters equally and I think that is what happened here. I liked Eliana but I didn’t feel like I was as interested in her story as Rielle’s. Maybe that is just something that I do in keeping my attention with a book, but Rielle’s story was much more engaging for me than was Eliana’s. I think that it was nice to have a book that didn’t focus around romance but included some elements of love and self in it. I feel that the strong female main characters are what pushed this book from a 2 to a 3 for me and would actually interest me in reading the next book in the series.


I would recommend this book to fans of strong female characters and magic. I know that is such a general statement but it could be appealing to a variety of audiences!


Happy reading! ~ Taylor


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