ARC Review: ‘Shadowsong’

The sequel to Wintersong was on Netgalley so I needed to request it right away!

Title: Shadowsong

Author: S. Jae-Jones

Series: Wintersong

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Pub date: February 6th, 2018


This book picks up where Wintersong left off: Leisel has returned to this realm and she is trying her best to further her musical career. Throughout it all, she gets wrapped up in an interesting tale where she finds out more about the Goblin King and things she never imagined to be possible. All this while Josef is struggling to find out who–and what–he is and how it plays into his musical talents.


I liked this book just as much as I liked Wintersong. I enjoy the story of Leisel and the Goblin King, how their romance works and how much she cares about her family, most of all her brother. I thought it was entertaining and I think it definitely progressed more than its predecessor. There was a lot more expansion about the King in this book and I felt more connected to their love story than in the first book for sure. I also think she grew much more as a person and proved that she was more than what people expected her to be but also followed her heart at the same time. It was also neat that the setting changed to Vienna and she was able to meet new characters there who advanced the story even more.


This book definitely was very hard and slow to get into. It was probably about 1/3 of the way before I became enveloped in the story.  I did find once I got to that point, it was an easy read and I read the rest in an entire sitting! I think that this story is incredibly magical in a different way and that’s something that sets this book apart.


I would suggest this to fans of the first in the series as well as someone who is interested in a different type of love story and magical elements.

Happy reading! ~ Taylor


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