ARC Review: ‘Gunslinger Girl’

Hi! It’s been quite a week with reading for me! I have read slower than I normally do but I have had so many amazing books this week. Ready to meet Pity!?

Title: Gunslinger Girl

Author: Lyndsy Ely

Series: Standalone

Rating: 5/5 stars

Pub date: 2018

I received this book as an ARC from BookCon. This is an honest review.


WOW! I have to say I was skeptical about this book. I had tried reading westerns in the past and didn’t really find myself liking them. That was the wrong assumption about this book!! IT WAS AMAZING. The story follows Serendipity ‘Pity’ Jones as she escapes to a town that is anything but typical. She meets many interesting characters and even joins an entertainment show, which showcases her fantastic skill and precision as a sharpshooter.


I literally have to gush about this book! It was absolutely fantastic. It was one of those books that surprised the hell out of me and I loved that about it. It wasn’t one of those typical westerns and I think that was my favorite part: the setting is a futuristic America and that makes the book have a totally different vibe. But, it is also very real, and I think that relation works well in this story. I really loved Pity. I think she has been one of my favorite main characters I have read lately. She was adventurous and interesting and badass and emotional all at the same time. She is taken to an entirely new city, where there are different rules  and different people, but she adapts. I think what I admire most about her is her perseverance and how she always stays on the ‘right’ side of things. There are some twists in the book that give her cause to overthink things but she chooses the right path and the story explodes in reaction.


I have trouble finding fault with this book! I think the ending is pretty open ended and it isn’t marketed as a series… I WANT MORE! I thought that the story was so unique and it is very akin to Westworld. For those of you who don’t know, Westworld is an HBO show about a theme park themed as a Western where rich people go in order to escape their problems in the real world and lead a new life as whoever they wan to be for a while. I definitely got these vibes while reading it, and a lot of the characters were similar to the show. This wsn’t a bad thing! I found it even more intriguing because I loved the show and seeing a new spin on the same ‘setting’ was so enjoyable to me.


I would recommend this book to fans of Westworld, or anyone else who is looking for a heart-thumping read that is fast paced and tells the story of a girl who triumphs over what she even thought she couldn’t do.

Happy reading! ~ Taylor


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