Review: ‘Godsgrave’

Godsgrave is the 2nd book of the The Nevernight Chronicle trilogy and picks up a few months after where Nevernight left off. This review will contain spoilers for Nevernight, but none for Godsgrave. I listened to the majority of this as an audiobook and 10/10 recommend Godsgrave as audio! (Check out my review of Nevernight here!)

Title: Godsgrave
Author: Jay Kristoff
Series: The Nevernight Chronicle
Rating: 5/5 stars

Godsgrave begins with a lovely greeting from our favorite narrator and o how I missed them so. There is an o so helpful refresher on our beloved characters and where we last left off with them, with commentary from the narrator, of course.

From page 1, it feels like I’m returning home after a long journey. We are back with the narrator, back with Mia and Mister Kindly, and oh how I missed this world and the language used in this story.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m now used to the writing style of Nevernight or not, but I feel like the writing in Godsgrave is easier to follow and comprehend. It’s told in alternating past and present tense once again, as Nevernight was, but it just overall feels more cohesive. Either way, I love the alternating time lines and it does not interrupt the flow of the story at all – honestly, it enhances it!

This story does not suffer from a sophomore slump as some second books tend to do but instead keeps up the pace and pushes the story along, giving us the reader and Mia more questions about who and what she really is. Mia has now become a full-fledged Blade by Lord Cassius’s hand before he died (I’m genuinely sad we didn’t learn more about/from him) but none of the Red Church are pleased about Mia’s status, as she ~technically~ failed her final test. Shortly into this story, she diverges from the Church’s mission and goes on her own path, selling herself into slavery to a gladiatorial collegium to be able to get close to Scaeva and Duomo and ultimately, hopefully kill them.

We learn more about Mia’s shadow abilities and her passengers, Mister Kindly and Eclipse, but not as much as I had hoped we would learn. I WANT ANSWERS and honestly, so does Mia. She doesn’t know anymore then we the reader knows. This is one of the biggest questions I hope gets answered before the story ends. I want to know about darkin – are there more? How do passengers come into existence and how/why can they move from on darkin to another if their original host dies? Is there a limit on passengers? Are they all shaped like animals or can they be something else*? (*I’M LOOKING AT YOU, CLIFFHANGER ENDING.) So many questions I hope we learn more about, as this is one of the things I’m most interested in about this world!

As with Nevernight, Godsgrave has explicit sex scenes. And more then one. There is an explicit f/f sex scene with Mia and someone I will not name, but it becomes pretty obvious early on who she is. And it’s a ship I never knew I shipped but. I ship it. And I ship it not only because hello hot steamy sex scenes, but because these are two strong females who seek each other out because it is their choice to do so. In a world where you are told what to do, having the choice of you can love is a powerful one and I’m glad it is one Mia has. Also hello bisexuality shown in a positive and healthy way in a f/f relationship. It’s a beautiful thing.

Of course in the world of Nevernight/Godsgrave, just when things seem to be going well, something is probably going to go wrong or someone is going to die, etc. And that is exactly what happens in this book time and time again. –shakes angry fist at book-

I knew it would end on a cliffhanger, because that’s just how this world works. But that ending. THAT. ENDING. It left me screaming, “WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK” out loud in my car as I finished this audiobok. I can’t say I saw that one coming. And if you see that ending coming, TELL ME HOW YOU KNEW BECAUSE I HAD NO IDEA. Damn. Damnnnn. –slow clap-

Needless to say, Nevernight & Godsgrave are without a doubt in the top of my favorite books I’ve read this year. As Jay mentioned on Twitter, Nevernight 3 will hopefully be released by the end of 2018. As of now, there is no solid release date. (He has said we must sacrifice small and fluffy things in his name to insure this happens.) So I’ll just be over here crying and hugging my books and petting Mister Kindly until then. RIP me.

This was a (mostly) spoiler free review but please feel free to comment below to discuss or tweet/DM me @frayedbooks!



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