Review: ‘Select’

Hi! I am on to my last few ARCs that I got at BookCon *sad face*. This was one that I randomly picked up at a booth I was stopping by and had heard about it on the BookCon app!
Title: Select

Author: Marit Wiesenberg

Series: Untitled

Rating: 1/5 stars

Pub date: October 3, 2017

I received this book as an ARC from BookCon. This is an honest review.

As you can see above… I didn’t like this book. Like, at all. I find it hard to give honest reviews sometimes when I really don’t like the book. But, I think that’s the point of being a book blogger: I won’t sugarcoat what I actually thought and I will let you guys know what I liked and didn’t like! This story focuses around Julia, who is part of an elite group of humans that have abilities normal humans do not. They have to keep themselves hidden and avoid revealing themselves to other normal humans.

I honestly can only think of one thing I liked about this book and it was the idea. I thought it was cool to have humans that have adapted via something like natural selection to become ‘better’ humans. It was interesting in that science aspect. But the execution of that was… Not good. It came off as some sort of Twilight spinoff: I honestly thought of the movie the entire time. There was a group of these ‘extra’ humans (like the Cullens) who always only hung out together because they were ‘family’. They were discouraged from hanging out with normal teenagers because they might reveal themselves. Enter John, who is basically our version of Bella. He notices that there are many unusual things about Julia, especially after an incident with Julia & her sister at a public pool. He finally confronts her and asks if she is one of ‘them’, almost akin to the scene in the movie where Edward and Bella are in the forest. It was just super similar and I found myself definitely dragging to get through this book. But, I wanted to review it, because it is an ARC and I did make a commitment to myself that I would read all of the ARCs and review them.

That brings me to my next point: the romance. Which, really isn’t a romance in my opinion. I didn’t feel like there was any buildup and it kind of just came out of nowhere. I didn’t feel connected to John or Julia at all and I didn’t feel butterflies and fuzzies from it. It was kind of just… Weird. It was this sort of forbidden love thing–again, like in Twilight–that didn’t do anything to advance the story. It was kind of like an afterthought, in my opinion, and I wish I had gotten less attempt at love story and more about the group of elite humans. How were they created? Why? Why do they have to keep it a secret? How many are there? Questions that I didn’t get an answer to.

Sorry to say, but I wouldn’t recommend this book at all. I didn’t feel there was much redeeming qualities about it enough to honestly want to tell people to read it. It was disappointing and I hate to say that because it has a gorgeous cover and a great idea of a story…. Just not written in a way that worked for me.

Happy reading! ~ Taylor


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