Review: ‘Library of Fates’

I had requested this (as well as the book in my next revie) before I went on vacation and I really didn’t think my library would get them so quickly: but it was a great surprise when they did! The library I use is actually pretty great at getting new books in and I’m grateful because I am able to read so much more.
Title: Library of Fates

Author: Aditi Khorana

Series: Standalone

Rating: 4/5 stars

This book came to my attention through promotion on Twitter (a lot of the books I read tend to happen this way lately) and I figured I would check it out since my library was ordering it! It is about Princess Amrita’s quest to save her country from war and conquer. It employs various elements of Indian folklore throughout the novel and is a perfect mixture of fantasy and history.

I loved this book! I love mythology of any kind but I have only read books with Greek (or Roman) mythology in the past. This expansion into Indian folklore brought the story home for me and I loved how it unraveled. I didn’t see the twist coming and I was surprised, but overjoyed by that. Usually I can guess what is going to happen in a book but this was a refreshing turn of events for me. I do not know much about Indian culture and Hindu beliefs but this book elaborated on a parable and other elements of that culture really well. I found myself entranced in the story and the intermingling of folklore as it applied to the main character and her quest to save her kingdom. Speaking of the main character, Princess Amrita was a joy to read and she was written in a way that made her vulnerable and strong at the same time. Yes, that is a contradiction, but I feel that while she appeared wholly vulnerable, she also was able to show her strength and overcome the challenges she faced throughout the pages of this story. I also really loved her relationship with Thala and it shows Amrita’s humanity and how simply caring for the welfare of another person is a transformative experience.

The only thing I could critique about this book would be that I wish there was a second one! The ending works well with the story but I want more. I want to know more about Indian folklore and I think I will actually be researching some online after reading this. I also want to know what happens to a few characters (mainly Arjun) after the book is finished because I felt my heart go out to those characters throughout the book. The author does a wonderful job of elevating the fantasy as well as showing what it was really like for royalty in the olden civilizations.

I would recommend this book to fans of The Star-Touched Queen and The Wrath and the Dawn: it was marketed this way online as well, and is yet another reason I picked it up. You won’t be disappointed if you give this a try!

Happy reading! ~ Taylor

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